Analyst Meet / AGM     30-May-24
Conference Call
Goodluck India
Expects 15-20% volume growth for next three years

Goodluck India held a conference call on 30 May 2024 to discuss the results for the quarter ended March 24 and way forward. Mr. M C Garg- Chairman and Mr. Ram Aggarwal - CEO of the company addressed the call.

Highlights of the Concall

  • The company has succeeded in achieving the growth by reshuffling the product mix and the market mix in spite of adverse geo political conditions & tough market conditions.

  • The demand growth has been robust overall which has helped shore up volume sales.

  • The company has been witnessing a good demand from the value-added segment which has contributed to higher margins.

  • The company has recently supplied and fabricated steel bridges for the high-speed bullet train project and expects a good demand for critical steel bridges in the country on the back of recent government proposal to initiate feasibility studies for bullet train corridors in North, South and East India.

  • Goodluck India has recently raised close to Rs 200 crore through the Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP) route to fund its working capital requirements and other general corporate purpose.

  • Around 85% of the company exports are to the the developed markets of Europe, America and Australia.

  • The company is putting up a state of the art plant for producing hydraulic fuel at a capex of Rs141 crore which is expected to commission by July 2024. This plant will also be mainly concentrating on export. It has already signed an agreement marketing agreement for Europe, Panama and Mexico.

  • Current capacity of the company is 412000 tonne which is expected to increase to 418000 tonne post commissioning of the project.

  • The company expects capacity utilization of around 50% for FY25 which is expected to go up to 70-80% in next financial year.

  • The revenue potential for the new expansion is almost Rs 500-600 crore.

  • The company has also entered into solar production and is supplying solar hardware equipments to almost all parties in India.

  • The company mentioned that the growth in regular sector was 6% while growth for value added products was 39%.

  • The company has been doing volume growth of around 15-20% for last three years and expects to continue similar growth for next three years.

  • The company expects a good growth coming in the defense and aerospace segment in India which will bring down country‚Äôs dependence on imports in these sectors. This is likely to augur well for the company, which has set up a subsidiary, Goodluck Defense and Aerospace Private Limited, to cater to the extensive needs of defense & aerospace industry.

  • Goodluck Defense and Aerospace plant is under construction which is expected to complete by March 2025 from earlier expectation of March 2026.

  • The company has increased its Ebitda per tonne from Rs 5800 per tonne 3 years back to currently around Rs 8400 per tonne.
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